A Resource for Music Education

The National Arts Centre opened its doors on June 2, 1969, as a gift to all Canadians in celebration of the country’s 100th birthday. It was Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson, who in the 1960s recognized the need and desire for Canadians to showcase excellence in Canadian performance arts – music, English and French theatre, dance, and variety. Come visit us at Canada’s National Arts Centre located in the heart of Ottawa, Ontario and on the web at http://www.nac-cna.ca/.
It is always a challenging task for the elementary school teachers to find class materials in music education, particularly the classical music. Canada’s National Arts Centre has provided “Vivaldi and The Four Seasons Teacher Resource Kit” that can be free download from their web site. http://www.artsalive.ca/en/mus/musicresources/teachers.html.

This unique resource not only presents a world of classical music that is fun, interactive, and relevant, it also provides class materials for the students to learn about the “four seasons” through music, language arts, social studies, science, visual arts, and drama.

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