Japan Trip: Kanazawa Tour – 2 – Hida-Takayama

In late afternoon of November 18th, we arrived at Hida Minzoku-mura (Hida Folk Village), Covering an area of 99,000 square meters, the village includes more than 30 traditional farmhouses and buildings, many of which were transported from nearby Shirakawa-go region. The massive farmhouses with their steep, thatched roofs which look like praying hands (“gassho-zukuri”). Each has been preserved in its original state, including artifacts related to the life and work of the owners, and visitors can wander from house to house at leisure.
A small shuttle bus took us to the high point to let us glanced down the whole village. It is a fantastic view from the hill top. This village is a “must” for visitors interested in the traditional local lifestyle, it is a remarkable example of conservation of buildings, crafts and traditions brought together and placed in a beautiful mountain setting – yet only 20 minutes walk or 10 minutes by bus from central Takayama.


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