The Power of Vulnerability — “Authenticity” explained

I attended Forerunner Church’s “Winter Conference” in the Christmas weekend.  I am overwhelmed with the number of participants. This conference is particularly for men (brothers). Lots of men had been hurt from childhood and showed brokenness in adult life. The heavy pressures in working places and the desires to keep up social & wealth status caused many men to indulge in alcohol, drugs, internet porn and other addictive behaviors. Continue reading The Power of Vulnerability — “Authenticity” explained


Music is Medicine, Music is Sanity

My friend e-mailed me a letter from a middle-aged woman from Taiwan who is seeking helps. I felt pain on reading this lady’s letter. Without personally knowing her and just from the descriptions of her symptoms, e.g. hearing voices, I guess that she may suffer certain degree of schizophrenia — 十多年不斷攪擾我的聲音, 我被那些聲音弄得數不清多少次自殺危機. 那些聲音也是持鬼附, 或是精神疾病本就會有的爭論點. (The voice continuously disturbed me for ten years and I had countless several times thinking suicide. People will argue whether it is the demon voice, or is the symptom of mental illness). — Her doctor should let her know if this is the case.

This woman believed that the prayers helped her. For people suffering in mental illness, music is another great way to help. Robert Gupta, a young violinist in LA philharmonic orchestra gave this beautiful talk in “TED” — “Music is Medicine, Music is Sanity”.

You can find the Chinese text in the “interactive transcript” near the “About this talk”.

This is the story about Nathaniel Anthony Ayers, the Juilliard-trained double bassist whose promising career was cut short by a tragic affliction with paranoid schizophrenia. The story was written into a book “The Soloist” and later made into a movie.