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New Sites Announcement

Two “New Sites” had been built to replace this site (NTU Alumni Chamber Ensemble):

  1. “Whispering Pines” for activities on chamber orchestra and classical music blogs/posts.
  2. “Taiwan Missions” for activities on Gospel missions in Taiwan.

Laguna Beach Parks

Recently, I joined with some members to practice Chamber Music in Thursday morning.  On 1/23, we decided to relax and drove to Laguna Beach Parks to celebrate I-Ling’s birthday. We loaded the foods prepared the day before, the drinks, the picnic essentials, rice cooker and ice chest to I-Ling’s SUV and traveled to the beach via State Rd. S-133. It was a sunny day, with mild temperature and slight breeze.

photo 2

Our first stop was Heisler park. Shortly after arrival, we walked down through stairs to the beach. It has fine sand, and there were not many people around. The sounds of the sea-waves and the sea-gulls filled the air.


Walked back up to the shore and we met an artist painting. People walked by and chatted with him. Some of our members attend painting class and we all love arts.


We watched the birds flocked on top of the offshore-rocks, surrounding by seawater, couple hundred feet away from the shore. Occasionally, large birds flew by, gliding with wings extended wide open.


There were people surfing and boating, showing their skills. People walked with their dogs, some were in slow tempo and others were in quick steps. Moms pushed strollers with their babies wrapped in warm clothes. People sat on the park chairs quietly, enjoying the morning sun. A peaceful scene in the park and there was not much noises. We paused often to take photos in turn and enjoyed the scenery.

Crescent Bay Park

One hour passed, and I-Ling took us to Crescent Bay Park. I have visited Heisler Park many times, but it was my first time at the Crescent Bay Park. Amazingly, there were only a few people around including us. We unloaded the food and other picnic essentials, but could not find a table. And so, we placed the dishes, bottles, drinks, paper plates, napkins, and of course, the birthday cake on the concrete wall surfaces. We took some photos of the food, and then started eating our lunch under the sun and touched by the sea-breeze.

photo 1 (4)

After the lunch, we sang the birthday song to I-Ling and she cut the cake. During all this time, we were joking to each other and got to know each other more. We took lots of photos and enjoyed watching the scenery and the birds. Both I-Ling and Esther had to teach music in the afternoon. Therefore, we left the park in early afternoon and went back homes with refreshed spirits.

We decided to share our experience with our Chamber members and friends, hope to get more outdoor trips like this in the future.

REVIEW OF YEAR 2013 (NTU Alumni Chamber Ensemble)


In the first half of year 2013, some of our members were traveling and hence our Ensemble had no public performances. Meantime, we continued the weekly practice in members’ homes. The major piece was J.S. Bach’s “Orchestra Suite #2, flute and strings”.  The cello part was played by the bass clarinet with the scores transposed from C to B-flat. Continue reading REVIEW OF YEAR 2013 (NTU Alumni Chamber Ensemble)

May 5th Concert: Tunghai University Christian Church Orchestra and Choir

最初的愛- 東海大學基督教會管弦樂團暨詩班母親節音樂會

Tunghai University Christian Church (東海大學路思義教堂) Orchestra and Choir held a concert at Guogou Elementary School Auditorium on May 5, from 4:00 pm to 5:20 pm. This is their first countryside outreach event and the purpose is to celebrate Mother’s day with the community. The Biblical theme is Psalm 139 verse 13-14:


13 For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. 

The Orchestra and Choir came around 2:30 pm in two buses and left shortly after the concert, around 6:00 pm. The weather is cloudy, mild temperature and humid. This is the first time ever for Guogou villagers to see such a large size classical music group.

The program consists of music from Baroque to Classical to Contemporary periods.

  1. Wondrous Love
  2. What Star is This
  3. Ave Maria
  4. Tell it on the Mountain
  5. All Heaven Declares
  6. All the Earth Rejoices
  7. A Living Sacrifice
  8. Emmanuel
  9. The Path of Hope
  10. Holy is He (David T. Clydesdale)

Continue reading May 5th Concert: Tunghai University Christian Church Orchestra and Choir

Experiencing Fish Farming

“Ever Green” small group in Guoguo Church consists of the elderly villagers from the local community. The group had grown to over 20 members and meet weekly to engage various activities, including art crafts, drama, painting, flower arranging, baking and outdoors, etc. Most of them are not baptized and this group is an out-reach effort of the Church.

On Wednesday (5/15) morning, the group visited a fishing pond in Augo Wet-Land Forest Park, north of Donshih Township. The 16 elders, Ruth, her son Carl, the tour guide and myself traveled with four cars. I drove the Camry with the men. The weather is warm and breezing with some clouds. Continue reading Experiencing Fish Farming


發現美麗台灣Common Wealth Magazine (《天下雜誌》 sponsored a contest of “Beautiful Taiwan” short videos [美麗台灣短片競賽]. These short videos were published in YouTube. CW had selected top 50 videos.

In this post, I embedded these 50 short videos from YouTube for you to watch and comment. They will split into 10, first post, 20, 2nd & 3rd posts, respectively. Continue reading 美麗台灣短片(3)