Taiwan Mission

In June 2009, I had the opportunity to visit a Village Gospel Mission Center at Guogou village in Chiayi county of Taiwan. August 8, 2009 southern Taiwan suffered the worst flood in 50 years after a few days heavy raining. Upon receiving the news, members of Saddleback Church from Taiwan organized a relief team to visit the disaster area under the guidance of the church PEACE PLAN.

The vision of the PEACE PLAN is to mobilize Christians around the world to address five giant problems:

  1. Spiritual Emptiness
  2. Self-Serving Leadership
  3. Poverty
  4. Disease
  5. Illiteracy

In the Bible, Jesus taught Christians to have compassion in helping the poor, the oppressed and the sick. The Christian Church was designed by God to take the lead in this effort. The local churches are best suited to respond to these five global giants through the cooperation with their governments, businesses and charitable organizations. We, the Saddleback Church members have committed ourselves to fulfilling these five expressions of God’s love:

  1. Promote Reconciliation
  2. Equipment Servant Leaders
  3. Assist the Poor
  4. Care For the Sick
  5. Educate the Illiterate

In the following months, I have visited many places in Taiwan either joining the PEACE team or by myself:

  • September – October 2009:      Nantou (Bread of Life Church), Chiayi (Guogou Church), Kaohsiung (KSC Church), Dongong (KSC Church) and Linbian (KSC Church).
  • January – February 2010:          Guogou Church
  • May – June 2010:                      Guogou Church and Yunlin Jail
  • October – November, 2010:      Guogou Church and 17 jails in Taiwan

In the following years, I have revisited Guogou Church, and joined other missionaries:

  • April – May 2011:                    Revisit Guogou Church
  • October 2011:                      Taiwan jail ministry with Amazing Grace Choir
  • June – July 2012:                  Advent Taiwan (Summer English Camp)
  • August – November 2012:    Guogou Church (Teach Chem. Lab in Middle School, Start children violin class, teach English class, family visits, 1919 food bank)
  • April – May 2013:                   Guogou Church (Violin class, family visits, Christian counseling class)

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